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Washington’s Skagit valley is a dreamer’s paradise! Gardeners of all interests find that indulging in their love of nature, and all things growing, is quite a welcome hobby and to be admired. Rich, fertile land remains accessible to the enthusiast and is protected by zoning laws, allowing farmers and gardeners to keep the dream alive. From one of the world’s largest flower bulb producers to vibrant seed production, Skagit valley is home to those who tend the land.

From my earliest memories, big fields, the odor of animals, and the sound of tractors were all the everyday experience. Helping with the chores, riding mini motorcycles in the hay fields, grabbing up arm loads of pea vines (and eating the fresh peas until I had a natural sugar buzz), trips to the livestock auction, and picking strawberries from grandpa’s strawberry field, were all simple experiences that gave a sense of security and harmony with life.
A love for all things fresh and homegrown began to develop in my youth. For summer work, I spent time with my uncle and aunt, learning to farm and garden organically. Over the years I spent many days and weeks planting weeding and harvesting and enjoying the fruit of my labor.

Twenty-five years ago, I had the idea that what was once horse pasture could really become a garden. I set out to make that happen. Three quarters of an acre that had been left unchecked after the sale of the animals was ready to turn and become a source of food and beauty for years to come.
Fast- forward two and a half decades and here we are returning to the farm and garden. Our little greenhouse provides ample opportunity to sink our hands in the dirt and spurs the dream on through the colder, shorter days of the winter months. We are very rarely without some exciting food or beauty all winter long. Spicy greens are a great winter grower, in the greenhouse!

And now spring has arrived, and it is time to fill up every possible space in the gardens. While still cleaning flower beds and deciding where to plant summer bulbs, the vegetable starts take off and require daily attention, in order to catch them at just the perfect time for transplant. Rows of radishes, beets, carrots, and spinach are all directly sown. The potatoes have been planted and the garlic is sprouting! The raised salad beds will be our work horses as always, producing pounds of fresh baby salad for months to come.
We are growing and developing! We are excited to get to know you!!

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